It was a lovely pleasure to make lot of nice shots for Origoods.cz! chcete vědět víc?


B-autentique, french fashion magazine, featured my editoral "Shell" online! Find the hi-res here: http://www.b-authentique.com/post/115293939423/laura-kovanska-photographer-more-laura-is chcete vědět víc?

Avast Fundation For One World Documentary Festival

Thank to Avast fundation for the trust and loyalty for my work, we did this poster for One World Documentary Festival! chcete vědět víc?

Fstyle Magazine

Fashion styling and editorial for Fstyle magazine with Czechoslovak Models Model Agency! Thanks a lot for nice work! chcete vědět víc?

Czech Air Force Calendar 2015

Thanks to Czech Air Force for hiring me for second time to make a calendar for them! chcete vědět víc?

Laura got an invisible photographer

Robert Vano's gallery project about some new fresh photographers hidden from the public audience chcete vědět víc?

Fashion editorials, Zlín, Maria Mihalikova and Sona Zajacova's master design works


Liga Lidských Práv: 101 hrdinů/ Human Rights Ligue : 101 Heroes

Amazing project about people who lives between us and making the life better for everyone!

Robert Vano Gallery Workshop

my pictures are the part of the visual communication of the Robert Vano gallery