LAURA KOVANSKA (1983) is a very fresh air in international commercial&fashion photography sphere with own unique, simple and immediately recognizable style of pictures, creativity and clever ideas, with strong focus on details, producing sophisticate pictures with time-less work quality. Her artistic work is based in directing beautiful and simple images with powerful emotions. One of last photo-professionals mastering both full frame digital and analog way ( film&instant) in her fashion/portraiture works With more than 60 publications published in lifestyle and fashion printed/online magazines ( Vanity Teen, Vogue Italia, VICE, Elegant Magazine, Inspire Magazine, C-HEADS, etc.) during 2016 is one of the most published Eastern-european editorial photographers.

Czechoslovak visual artist born close to Ukrainian borders celebrates the Slavic youth culture and people, presenting Easter-European lifestyle and history in her personal projects. Her talent to spot something different, brave, fresh beautiful and fascinating in people and places around her was recognized by many international media and agencies. 

Professional and goals-oriented point of view on promoting fashion/people, the matured responsibility, her great communication and deep understanding of client's goals & needs, patience and nice attitude and master degree in multimedia communication & Charles University 's project manager certification are the biggest differences from other commercial photographers, and main reasons why is Laura the booked-out artist in many countries for various commercial&PR projects.

Now she works as a professional project manager, art director and photographer, leading the production team crew of artists for multiple years. Laura is  visual/idea maker for VICE Publishing in Prague.