LAURA KOVANSKA is a highly accomplished and sought-after photographer in the international commercial and fashion photography sphere. She has developed her own unique and immediately recognizable style, characterized by simplicity, creativity, and clever ideas. With a strong focus on details, Laura produces sophisticated pictures with timeless quality. Her artistic work is based on directing beautiful and simple images with powerful emotions. As one of the last photo-professionals mastering both digital and analog photography (film & instant) in her fashion/portraiture work, Laura is capable of producing work that is unparalleled in quality.

Laura's work has been featured in over 120 publications in lifestyle and fashion printed/online magazines, such as Vanity Teen, Vogue Italia, VICE Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Inspire Magazine, and C-HEADS, making her one of the most published Eastern-European editorial photographers. She has been recognized as a high-quality industry professional through the "Women in Photography" project, powered by The New York Times.

As a Czechoslovak visual artist born close to Ukrainian borders, Laura celebrates the Slavic youth culture and people, presenting Eastern-European lifestyle and history in her personal projects. Her talent for spotting something different, brave, fresh, beautiful, and fascinating in people and places around her has been recognized by many international media and agencies. Her artistic work has been featured in Vogue Italia's print and social media.

Laura's work provides a range of benefits to her demanding clients, which include both discerning customers and advertising agencies. Her ability to create top-quality content that meets and exceeds client expectations is unmatched. Through her work, Laura is able to capture the essence of her clients' brands, products, and services, creating images that are both stunning and impactful. Additionally, her extensive experience working in the industry has given her a deep understanding of the unique demands of commercial and fashion photography. As a result, she is able to deliver work that is not only beautiful but also highly effective in communicating her clients' messages to their target audiences.

Currently, Laura works as a professional project manager, art director, and photographer, leading the LAURA KOVANSKA production team crew of artists.