Red Bull's editorial and celebrities photography

I am honored to be content creator and photographer for Fashion Blog of this client! So much freedom and fun!

Dermacol International

I was honoured to create the content for DERMACOL International social media! Let's have a look :) 


Hey there!

A quick news for today! 

Let me announce me the new love - I am going to cover the photo content for DERMACOL International! <3

Stay tuned for the campaign! <3 

Tornare a casa

I am so happy, that editor-in-chef of VOGUE Italia loves my works! I won the art-directors photography competition, there were thousand photographers competing for the VOGUE's attantion during this talent scouting as they claimed, the volume of the pictures was shocking for them.

I attended two Vogue's competition and I both won the showcase, last time my work was presented by Christian DIOR, project "Poison Girl". 

This was very different. Editor-in-chef  wrote about my work an article and the full story with multiple pictures were shared on VOGUE's socials and also the website. 

You can find the article in following link:

 I was honored with the biggest award - the printed publication in the magazine! 

I just can not describe the feelings I had when I saw the message! So nervous! I was very patient, waiting for the publication to be printed. Once I saw it - it feels both so real and unreal too.

My biggest professional dream just came the true. 


Sometimes people just have the dreams. I had a dream my work will appear in the high-profile magazine one day. I worked hard for it and made my dream comes true thanks to my talent and never-ending work. I just got the publication any other photographer from Czechoslovakia archieved before - VOGUE Italia! The editor-in-chef scouted me as one of the best photographer on Instagram and decided to spread my photos through all Vogue's digital and offline chanels. 

I felt so happy and honored my work will be printed in the most prestigious magazine worldwide - VOGUE Italia this August -  my biggest dream came the true! <3 

Pictures at work!

I am always happy to find my work in magazines or news. I created the visual and communication strategy for design brand "Helioring". You can read the commercial online by visiting upcoming link:… chcete vědět víc?

Exclusive fashion story is up via American magazine FASHION GRUNGE

Exclusive fashion story is up via American magazine FASHION GRUNGE, find the full story here: chcete vědět víc?

FUJILOVE Magazine publication

FujiLove released the article about my fashion work with Instax chcete vědět víc?

Queens - content for QUEENS blog

Lifestyle content for QUEENS <3  chcete vědět víc?

Promo shooting for the Czech music band ZRNI

I had this amazing artistic shooting with these cool guys - ZRNI band. It is a group of young gentlemen playing the music of their heart. I love also doing my work with heart, so we hade dope shooting in March for their promotion. 

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