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Tornare a casa

I am so happy, that editor-in-chef of VOGUE Italia loves my works! I won the art-directors photography competition, there were thousand photographers competing for the VOGUE's attantion during this talent scouting as they claimed, the volume of the pictures was shocking for them.

I attended two Vogue's competition and I both won the showcase, last time my work was presented by Christian DIOR, project "Poison Girl". 

This was very different. Editor-in-chef  wrote about my work an article and the full story with multiple pictures were shared on VOGUE's socials and also the website. 

You can find the article in following link: https://www.vogue.it/fotografia/article/come-tornare-a-casa?fbclid=IwAR3DQ_PUpSVSMi_tx6Ep_AtUafqAJ-kVby4Wc4zJxguxkko2EcpKIe8_K6s

 I was honored with the biggest award - the printed publication in the magazine! 

I just can not describe the feelings I had when I saw the message! So nervous! I was very patient, waiting for the publication to be printed. Once I saw it - it feels both so real and unreal too.

My biggest professional dream just came the true. 

Truant Kids in american magazine FashionGrunge

Publication of my fashion editorial " Behind The School " was released in american fashion magazine with 100K followers! I just love to spread my work worldwide <3  chcete vědět víc?

Another printed publication in USA

"City street" - my latest editorial in OBSCURAE Magazine for Melia Marchi fashion designer, Michaela Stoudkova( Bloges Robes) and Xeniya R. as models in American fashion bible :)  chcete vědět víc?

Are You Bored, Mr. Panda?

Another great picture in my fashion portfolio! Love it!  chcete vědět víc?